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2017-01-28 Armbrae Invitational

From: Nick Szymanis <>

Hello Nova Scotia Debate Community:

I figured this good news email re: Rory's success at Worlds, was perhaps the most recent email list for all of us - apologies for using it in reply-all, hopefully you all receive it in a new subject line (perhaps someone could let me know if it's buried in a thread?).

Nonetheless very proud of both Rory and Aislin's success - as well.

SO - after that pre-amble; here it is:  Please join us at Armbrae Academy later this month for 4 rounds of Parliamentary Debate, 2 rounds of which will be on a topic that remains in the news, and is now a good movie and book for fans of Edward Snowden:

This House Believes that that with respect to modern day public surveillance, there is nothing to worry about if you have done nothing wrong…

Afternoon rounds will be impromptu.  Attached are details on speaking times for the grade 6 - 8 category, and the 9 - 11 category, as well as some guidelines on how impromptu resolutions will be handled.

DATE:  Saturday January 28th

LOCATION:  Armbrae Academy, 1400 Oxford St, Halifax

LUNCH: Will be very nice

TIMES:  9:00am - 3:30pm

REGISTRATION FEE:  $25 / debater or $50 / team of 2 - cheques payable to Armbrae Academy

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Please reply back by email no later than WEDNESDAY JAN 25 with your up-to-date 

1. names (first and last please)  / pairings of participants

2. grades of participants. 

3. name of 1, or 2 volunteer judges - if possible (again - tell them about lunch...)

Orphan debaters welcome, as I will try and create pairings to keep the draw alive etc.  I will reply with a confirmation / draft draw on the Thursday / Friday before the event.

Of course the weather plays into it with January events - so will be in touch in the event that things look like it is unwise to travel.  We do hope for a great day, and that the kids enjoy the topic.  To start their further look into it - here is a research link from Debatabase that will hopefully get the ball rolling (as I know some are busy with other things / exams etc.):

Early replies welcome.

Thanks everyone and all the best for the New Year,

Nick Szymanis

Nova Scotia Debating Society Provincial Coordinator,
19 Jan 2017, 18:52
Nova Scotia Debating Society Provincial Coordinator,
19 Jan 2017, 18:52