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2016-10-26 National Seminar

From: Debra Miko <>
To: CSDF member organizations
Date: 2016-04-14
Re: 2016 National Seminar in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Greetings, Folks,

Attached you will find the 2016 National Seminar Invitation to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The CSDF Board would like to thank Nova Scotia for their support in organizing this event.  This is our 50th Seminar, happening in our 49th year of existence.  Having an event around to celebrate 50 seminars is truly an accomplishment for debate in Canada, we are extremely proud and hope you are able to join us this year.

Here are some of the important points surrounding seminar:
  • Our Convenors are David Stewart and Bonny Hubley
  • Registrar is Debra Miko
  • Deadline to register is June 1st, 2016 – if we do not have the online registration and the payment received by this time, your spots can go to another province and there is a $100 late fee this year if you do not have both completed on time.
  • Each province and territory may send the following:
    • 7 total delegates – 1 in French; 1 in Bilingual; 1 in English; out of the remaining 4 at least one must be in Bilingual or French and the remaining 3 may be of any three categories. (we have increased our number of participants by 1 for each member province but they must be a French or Bilingual delegate)
    • The remaining rules surrounding delegate selection is in the invitation and on our website.
  • Once your provincial organization has selected their delegates, please send an email to providing us with the names and language categories for your selected delegates.  Last year we had many students who were not selected but registered online, we had great difficulty in determining if they qualified to attend.
If you have any questions surrounding seminar please forward to this email address is being monitored by more than one person.  If I have missed sending out to anyone, please do forward on my behalf.

See you in Nova Scotia!

Debra Miko, President


Matt Edmonds,
29 Mar 2016, 14:05