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2016-01-16 Sacred Heart Novice Workshop

From: Brian Casey (

Sacred Heart will host a novice debate workshop January 16, 2016, 8.45am-noon for interested students and coaches, Grades 6-12. It is primarily of interest for schools in the metro area, but you are welcome to attend where ever you are located. You do not need to bring an even number of debaters; individual students are welcome. Please arrive about 8.45 am; we should be finished between 11.45am and noon. There is no charge to attend (but no prizes are offered either).

Each student will be paired with a student from another school and (after some brief instruction) debate two or three times.

This gives students a little experience in a setting without pressure and enables those who are interested to participate in a debate before the next tournaments (for example at Armbrae, January 30, at Dal, February 5-6, or at Middleton, February 20th)

While the students are debating, experienced debate coaches will offer some advice and assistance for new coaches to help them prepare for the year.

There is no need to register in advance – but please come along if you can, and bring as many interested students as possible. Once the season starts, there are other debating opportunities, but it will be easier to take part if the students have a gentle introduction first.